Rebecca M. Neeser

Rebecca M. Neeser

With a solid background in Pharmaceutical Sciences and specialized knowledge in medicinal chemistry and drug design, I possess the unique ability to integrate computational approaches in the creation of novel small molecules. The interdisciplinary nature of my work, bridging the realms of chemistry, biology, and computer science, is of special interest to me. This interdisciplinarity is further enabled by a joint supervision arrangement between LIAC and LPDI (Laboratory of Protein Design and Immunoengineering). LIAC brings expertise in AI for chemistry, while LPDI offers deep knowledge in structural biology and computational protein design. This collaboration enables me to leverage diverse perspectives and cutting-edge methodologies to drive my research forward.

My main interest lies in the development and application of machine learning tools for drug design. I am driven by the opportunity to address unresolved challenges in drug development and provide support to experimentalists. Through my research, I aim to make a tangible impact by facilitating the discovery and development of innovative therapeutics.

Outside of work, you can find me in the mountains, where I am skiing, hiking or climbing. Additionally, I enjoy live music and exploring new coffee spots all over the world.

I am genuinely excited about the prospect of learning new machine learning methods, contributing to the design of novel drugs, and collaborating with exceptional peers.



  • Master thesis in the Coley Group at MIT in collaboration with the Schneider Group at ETH Zurich
  • MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences from ETH Zurich
  • BSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences from ETH Zurich